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Delivering an unforgetable brand experience that will create wourd of mouth sales for years to come.

Nadeef bidets sent me a free Dominoes Pizza last year while on a customer service call and i can say with 100% confidence it’s the bestcustomer service i’ve ever gotten.

- Happy Customer

Best Customer Leaderboard

Not sure who to send Pizza? Pizza Party will rank your customers by lifetime value so you can easily identify your best customers.

Unmatched Customer Experience

In an Amazon world, your customers expect 2 day delivery. Send a pizza within a few hours, and you'll earn an extra week.

Only Pay on Deliveries

Instead of re-investing your revenue into paid ads, why not reinvest a portion back to your customers?

Filter Customers

The first step in installing Pizza Party asks you to identify who you consider "best" customers.

Send Pizza

Once you have selected which customers to send Pizzas to, you confirm the order

Track ROI

After you send them a Pizza, A Pizza guy will track the customer for when they buy again and when they spread the word.


Each cheese pizza costs between $10-$17 depending on their location and how far they are from the closest Dominos. Pizza Party takes a small percentage of the sale. You are only charged if a customer accepts your offer.

$10- $17

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if Dominos can't deliver to my customer?

If there is not a Dominos store able to deliver, the order will be marked as undeliverable. However, Dominos has over 5,700 stores across 2,800 of the most populated cities in the United States.

What is my customer doesn't want a pizza?

Customers have the final say to confirm their pizza deliver. If they don't want pizza, maybe because they're on a diet or aren't hungry, they can forward it to a friend. This also helps increase your word of mouth impact!

How much should I re-invest back to the customer?

We suggest to re-invest about 5%-10% of the revenue a customer provides us back into that customer's post-sale experience. Many online stores will re-invest that much and more back into Facebook or Google ads, but we feel word of mouth from your existing customer is worth a lot more.

What size and toppings can my customers choose?

At the moment, the only pizza deliverable is a large cheese pizza. It caters to most people's dietary constraints. Keep in mind it's the thought that counts and that's what your customers will remember.

Where did this idea come from?

Pizza Party came to be after the founder started sending pizzas to his own best customers. After seeing how one $15 pizza returned in word of mouth sales of over $500, he figured this was a marketing tactic worth automating.

How much of my profit should I re-invest back?

We suggest re-investing about 25% of the profit from each customer's first sale back into their customer experience. For example, when we sell a product for $100 and it's cost is $40, we send 1 pizza on their first order.

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